Let Us Help You Grow

Here at AccountSavvy CPAs we aim to give every client the service they need. Whether you are a small business owner or someone that needs to make sense of their finances, AccountSavvy can help you.

What AccountSavvy Can Do For You

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Essential to any financial health of a business.  The number one aspect of a business is to maintain the books accurately

Payroll For Employer And Employees

We process payroll on behalf of you and your employees; and take care of all the necessary paperwork so you don’t have to.

Corporate Tax Returns

We prepare and file the tax returns for your entity by the due date or with extensions if necessary.

Personal Tax Returns

We prepare and file your tax returns tying together all your income sourcesthrough an open discussion

Tax Planning

We plan ahead during the year so we can minimize taxes through payroll, credits, and other strategies.

Who We've Helped Throughout The Years

Medical Professionals


We’ve helped doctors, nurses, physical therapists, psychiatrists, and many other medical professionals reach their goals through understanding their needs and strategic planning

Professional Services


Whether you are a lawyer, a broker, or in financial services, AccountSavvy has helped clarify the needs of the professional understand their tax burden and tax planning needs.



Pharmacies in general have a lot to undertake when it comes to their inventory and their business.  They are concerned about their payroll needs, inventory tracking, and sales tax.  We help simplify the process.

Grocery Shops & Supermarkets


Most grocery store owners feel overwhelmed by both running their business and making sure they are keeping up with all the regulatory issues. AccountSavvy CPAs works with owners to help them focus on their business while we focus on their finances.

Food Services


Restaurants, catering halls, and bakeries are some of the food service establishments around New York that AccountSavvy CPAs has helped.  Food service establishments worry about payroll, sales tax, inventory count, as well as other matters when it comes to their financial situation



Whether you are a brick and mortar retailer or an e-commerce shop, AccountSavvy can help demistify the process of keeping track of all of those records.  From receipts, point of sales statements, bank statements, and inventory management, retailers need to be able to tie all these documents together to understand where their businesses are financially

Contractors and Engineers


AccountSavvy CPAs work with contractors who specialize in all sorts of remodeling projects, from building homes to your basic kitchen remodel.

Barber Shops and Hair Salons


Barbers and salon owners need to understand how to tie together all of their financial documents through their POS systems and their bank statements.  They also need to understand how to keep track of supplies and goods they sell through their shops.  AccountSavvy has has helped owners throughout New York eliminate both tehe confusion and their worries.